The Company

We are a company that was formed to provide extra assistance to those interested in Electrical Engineering. This web site was initiated when we found that as students, we only had text books and case studies to learn from. We realized that a website that would provide extensive articles and reviews about our subject would be extremely helpful not only for those studying the subject but also for those interested in it. We began to build it and slowly we had the support of several people who felt similarly about what we experienced. Thanks to that, we now proudly have the association of several distinguished people from the industry and academics. As a result, we now have a completely enriched site that has articles on every topic imaginable. While it has been a long journey to where we are right now, we are extremely proud to say it has been completely worthwhile.

We have been noticed and approved as one of the premier websites that offer content on the issues and topics that are relevant. Our articles and information is always well-researched and published in some of the leading journals of the world. Our classroom section is well-known amongst the student community. The sessions we conduct are practically sold-out the minute they are announced. While attending a session with us will ensure that you are taught by the best, you also get appreciation and attendance certificates which carry value in the job markets. On popular demand, we have created a home section which allows people to post queries about issues or problems that they may be facing using a certain technology. They can also share information about their experiences in equipping their home with the latest technology gadgets. We have formulated a unique mechanism to use, list and rate several products based criteria that we think are critical. These ratings are quite popular and have been quoted in several magazines and newspapers alike.